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HTTP Responder is a web hook debugging and stubbing tool. It logs web hook requests, but unlike other tools it also allows the configuration of a default response for JSON and XML requests.


Web Hooks

Web hooks have traditionally been (and continue to be) one-way notifications over HTTP. Tools like or exist to make it easier to analyze web hook behavior when implementing a service to process the hook's request. (Think "glorified puts statement.")

Web Hooks as Workflow

Increasingly, web hooks are not only used for push notifications, but can also be used in a workflow scenario: the response to a web hook request can instruct the calling server on what behavior to execute next. A good example of this is Twilio. An entire call flow is implemented through a series of web hooks that respond with XML defining the next set of actions to take.

Deploy your own

If the limitations of don't match your needs, you can easily deploy your own version on heroku:

git clone git://
cd respond-to-it
heroku create --stack cedar
heroku addons:add redistogo:nano
git push heroku master

Then tweak to your heart's content.

Or just push the button:


Written by Aaron Lerch. For additional contributors, who are awesome, see CONTRIBUTORS.