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A simple utility to create a uinput joystick from the CAN bus of a vehicle.
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CAN Joystick


A small project that monitors the CAN bus of a vehicle and creates a uinput virtual joystick. This allows the car to be used as an input device to any simulators/games.


This code comes with no warranty. It is for educational purposes only. If you chose to use this code with your vehicle it is at your own risk. The authors do not advise that you do this. Any and all damages resulting from the use of this project are your responsibility.


This code uses the ViewTool Ginkgo USB-CAN bridge and complimenting libusbcan.


This project uses git submodules. Be sure to initialize them first:

git submodule init
git submodule update

Alternatively, you can clone with --recurse-submodules to achieve the same.

Once the project has been setup, the build is as simple as invoking:



Once the project has compiled successfully, use the following to run the tool. The LD_LIBRARY_PATH must be supplied to allow the application to find the shared object for communicating with the ViewTool device.

In addition, sudo is used to allow hardware access. This could probably be avoided with udev rules.

sudo LD_LIBRARY_PATH=libusbcan/lib/linux_64bit ./canjoystick
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