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I have received a lot of emails about this app. First of all, if you don’t know what a MPD server is, the application is not made for you. Secondly, be careful and CHECK your data plan, this application can generate huge 3G bills if you don’t double check your plan. Lastly, only MP3 streaming (using lame) is supported on every platform. OGG streaming is supported ONLY ON FROYO (2.2). If streaming doesn’t work, check this way. Also keep in mind that almost no stock MPD is compiled with lame support so you might have to recompile. Also, thanks for your support. Some people reported bugs, others sent patches. Please go on ! Since the market doesn’t give me any mean to contact my users, please feel free to report a bug or send me a message at (or on github) and I will be happy to help you as soon as possible ! By the way, the screenshots on the market might not always reflect the current look of the application ;)

Configure MPD

Building on the command line

Album Art on your LAN

Beta access

MPDroid is jmad’s idea, so since it’s his idea, you should report bugs to him since he participated !

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