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d:bug | Data Analysis & Bioinformatics User Group

@ Weill Cornell Medicine, NYC

We meet on select Thursdays, 1:30 pm in the seminar room of the Department for Physiology & Biophysics on the 5th floor in the main WCM building. This is a place for informal exchange of coding tips and tricks with a focus on how stuff is actually done. Think interactive version of stackoverflow.

If you would like to receive more information and make sure you get the announcements of the next meeting straight into your inbox (including an occasional mail with related announcements), send an email to the Applied Bioinformatics Core of Weill Cornell Medicine.

Each meeting will get its folder where the material that was discussed will be available.

Feel free to post issues/comments etc. And if you have a tool or topic that's near and dear to your coder's heart, please share, preferably during one of our meetings! :)

For the collection of future topics, see this issue here.


Date Topic Presenter
2017-11-16 One class to bind them all: the MultiAssayExperiment R class Levi Waldon & Marcel Ramos
2017-09-21 Hot off the press: JupyterCon & latest Jupyter Notebook developments Peter Oxley
2017-08-03 Docker for HPC environments: Singularity Vanessa Borcherding
2017-07-27 Special BarCode event (minus code) Jaffrey's
2017-05-11 Robustify your R code using the testthat package Davide Risso
2017-04-13 Bioinformatic Applications of Cytoscape Peter Oxley
2017-03-23 Building networks using Cytoscape Michael Bales
2016-12-07 How to create R packages Khagay Nagdimov
2016-11-17 Using Docker Evan Biederstedt
2016-09-22 Mastering git John Richardson
2016-08-18 R's data.table package: Slicing large tables the Ninja way! Alex Penson
2016-07-07 Jupyter Notebooks: Seamlessly combining research and documentation Greg Putzel
2016-06-09 Makefiles: Making data analysis reproducible Paul Zumbo
2016-05-05 HDF5: Managing Large Data Without Losing Your Mind Jin-Hyun Ju

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