An SVG-based jQuery and Zepto circular timer plugin
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Circle Timer

An SVG-based jQuery and Zepto circular timer plugin.

How to use

Fork this repository or download the circletimer.min.js and circle.css files from the dist directory of this project.


  • timeout (number): the time that the timer should count for, in milleseconds. The default value is 5000
  • onComplete (function): the callback to be executed when the time has run out. The default value is an empty function
  • onUpdate (function): the callback to be executed each update of the timer. The default value is an empty function
  • clockwise (boolean): whether or not the timer should be going clockwise. If set to false, the timer moves counterclockwise. The default value is true

Example Code

  onComplete: function() {
    alert("Time is up!");
  onUpdate: function(elapsed) {
  timeout: 5000

$("#start").on("click", function() {

$("#pause").on("click", function() {

$("#stop").on("click", function() {

$("#add").on("click", function() {
  $("#example-timer").circletimer("add", 1000);


This plugin is written in CoffeeScript and is compiled to JS using a Grunt task. Commenting of functions in the CoffeeScript is done using the Codo syntax.

Steps to contribute:

  1. Fork the repository
  2. Install the Codo NPM module globally using npm install -g codo
  3. Install the rest of the NPM modules required by executing npm install from the root of the repo
  4. Make your desired changes in src/ and src/circletimer.scss
  5. Compile your changes to JS by executing grunt from the root of the repo
  6. Check out if they work by serving the index.html file in the root of the directory using your new change
  7. If it works, create a pull request with the new change!
  8. Pat yourself on the back and reward yourself with a candy bar! Mmmmm, candy.


This code is released under the MIT License