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StatHat integration

GeoDNS has built-in support for posting statistics to StatHat

Global statistics

Configure your stathat API key in geodns.conf (in the config directory) like


This will enable posting (once a minute) the the count of queries since the last post. It will be posted to "queries total", "queries $server-id" and if "groups" are configured then the number will be posted to "queries $group" for each group using the post to multiple stats feature. This is useful to aggregate the counts for each of your anycast IPs, for example.

Enabling global statistics will also make each server post the number of goroutines.

Query counts

You can also enable per-zone query counts. Each zone will post the total queries and EDNS-SUBNET enabled queries. They are per server and "total". You can use this to find servers or zones that have not been white-listed for EDNS-SUBNET queries with OpenDNS or Google.

To enable add a logging section in the zone .json file, like

"logging": {
    "stathat": true

This will use the "global" stathat API key. You can also specify the API key to use with

"logging": {
    "stathat_api": "some-api-key"

If you use "stathat_api" the "stathat" setting is ignored.

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