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Data Science Tutorials
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Data Science Tutorials


  1. Every Intro to Data Science Course on the Internet, Ranked. (

  2. What would be useful for aspiring data scientists to know? (

  3. 8 Essential Tips for People starting a Career in Data Science. (

  4. Cheat sheet: How to become a data scientist. (

  5. The Art of Learning Data Science. (

  6. The Periodic Table of Data Science. (

  7. Aspiring Data Scientists! Start to learn Statistics with these 6 books! (

  8. 8 Skills You Need to Be a Data Scientist (

  9. Top 10 Essential Books for the Data Enthusiast (

  10. Aspiring data scientist? Master these fundamentals. (

  11. How to Become a Data Scientist - On your own. (

Some good TUTORIALS on Data Science, Machine Learning and Deep Learning

  1. Data Science Training Videos

  2. Data Analysis in Python and Pandas

  3. Machine Learning

  4. Machine Learning with Python

  5. Deep Learning Basics

  6. Deep Learning tutorial

  7. Deep Learning with TensorFlow

Clear explanation of DEEP LEARNING by MIT. Must Watch

  1. Introduction to Deep Learning

  2. Deep Sequence Modelling

  3. Deep Learning for Computer Vision

  4. Deep Generative Models

  5. Deep Reinforcement Learning

  6. Limitations and New Frontiers

Github Link -

GRETL - Great Statistical software for Beginners. Here is the Gretl Tutorial by Simone Gasperin

  1. Simple Linear Regression

  2. Coding Dummy Variables

  3. Forecasting New Observations

  4. Forecasting a Large Number of Observations

  5. Logistic Regression

  6. Forecasting and Confusion Matrix

  7. Modeling and Forecasting Time Series Data

  8. Comparing Time Series Trend Models

Useful links for Data Visualization -

  1. Quick and Easy Data Visualizations in Python with Code. (

  2. 10 Useful Python Data Visualization Libraries for Any Discipline. (

  3. Top 50 matplotlib Visualizations – The Master Plots (with full python code). (

  4. Data Visualization Effectiveness Profile. (

  5. The Visual Perception of Variation in Data Displays. (

  6. Matplotlib Tutorial – A Complete Guide to Python Plot w/ Examples. (

  7. Interactive Data Visualization in Python With Bokeh. (

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