sigrok Cross compilation instructions for the BeagleBone

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These cross-compilation instructions are out of date, but kept for historical reasons.

The current way is to clone and compile the sigrok utilities within the BeagleBone Black itself.

Clone the 4 principal repositories of sigrok into the directory in which BeagleLogic has been cloned:

  • libserialport git clone git://
  • libsigrok git clone git://
  • libsigrokdecode git clone git://
  • sigrok-cli git clone git://

Get this package of libraries pulled in from the Debian rootfs that are required for compilation to succeed and extract it into BeagleLogic/usr [not /usr on the PC]

You need arm-linux-gnueabihf to build.

From a shell, run:


And let it do the magic :smiley:

Once done, run


The modules will be copied over to your BBB. If you have a non-standard hostname, please edit the script.

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