An experimental JavaScript platform for adding follow, watch, and fork widgets to any site with a simple HTML snippet.
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GitHub Anywhere

An experimental JavaScript platform for adding GitHub follow, watch, and fork widgets to any site with a simple HTML snippet. You can try out a demo on


GHA is alpha quality. It may break things and could have security vulnerabilities. Use at your own risk.

Using GHA

To add GHA to your site add the following snippet inside of the <head> section of your page.

<script src=''></script>
  GitHubAnywhere(function(G) {

Adding the following links to your page will create a user follow button and a watch repo button. Be sure to replace :user with the GitHub username and :repo with the repository name.

<a href='' class='github-anywhere' data-user=':name'>Follow :name on GitHub</a>
<a href='' class='github-anywhere github-anywhere-watch' data-user=':name' data-repo=':repo'>Watch :name/:repo on GitHub</a>

For example a follow button for abraham would look like this:

<a href='' class='github-anywhere' data-user='abraham'>Follow abraham on GitHub</a>


If you find bugs or have any feature requests please let us know.

Browser support

While GHA is primarily tested in Google Chrome it should work in any modern browser with localStorage support.


Interested in hosting your own version or participating in the development? The code is hosted on GitHub under an MIT license. Feel free to fork, hack, and generally tear apart the code. Be sure to jump into the Google Group and say hi!


The proxy for the GitHub API is hosted on Google App Engine. The platform uses easyXDM, jQuery and David Walsh's GitHub buttons.


GHA is maintained by:

Abraham Williams - @abraham - -

Ryan LeFevre - @meltingice - -