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Dungeon is a multiplayer text adventure game engine written in Java. It is inspired by traditional text adventure games from years ago, with some new ideas and features.

This project comes with a server and client. See the file for more information about how to use them.

Dungeon is my first exploration into text-based games and network programming. You're welcome to help out with development.

There is no "license" for the source code, apart from the requirement that you don't sue me if it breaks anything. Expect me to find an appropriate license in due time.


Since Dungeon is a game engine, you can write your own universe files and start the Dungeon server with them. See the yaml directory for the configuration file (to tell the server which universe file to load) and the default "demo" universe file that I've written.


The server uses SnakeYAML, a YAML parser for Java. The JAR file (version 1.12) is included in the lib directory.

The client uses Lanterna 3, a pure Java terminal UI library that's super cool, and is included in the lib directory.

Building and running