Export option presets in Sketch.
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Make Exportable

Export option presets for Sketch layers.

Install the plugin

Download and extract the contents of this repository. Then double-click the MakeExportable.sketchplugin bundle to install the plugin.


When you first install the plugin it will contain no presets. You must set it up with the presets that you need, based on the scale you design at and the devices for which you wish to export assets.

Create a New Preset

Select a layer and manually make it exportable in the Inspector. Add all the formats, sizes and suffixes you need.

New Preset Formats

With the same layer selected, run the Make Exportable > Configure > New Preset plugin command.

New Preset Menu

Give the preset a name. Optionally also set a shortcut. Shortcuts are defined by using a combination of modifiers ( cmd, control, shift, option) and any other key. For example, cmd shift y. Remember to check if a shortcut is already being used by a different plugin or by Sketch itself.

New Preset Options

When you save the preset, you will see it as a menu item in the plugins menu. Next time you need to add these export settings to a layer, just select it and trigger the command.

New Preset Defined

Other Configuration Options

Other Config Options

  1. Import and Export - To transfer your presets to another Mac or to share them with your team, you can Export them to a file. Then Import the file on the destination Mac. Easy-peasy.
  2. Restore Presets - When you update the plugin with future versions, your presets will be removed from the plugin menu. Not to worry, they are saved independently. Run a Restore to see them in the plugins menu again.
  3. Delete Presets - This lets you delete an existing preset from the menu. Duh!

Remove Formats for Selection

Run this command to remove all export formats from one or more selected layers.


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