SafeID is a sample web server library that uses a remote Pythia PRF service to securely protect passwords
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SafeID protects passwords using the Pythia PRF protocol. This package includes a python module and a command-line tool (safeid) that demonstrates how a web server can protect passwords using a remote Pythia PRF service.

Quick Start

If you have Python and PIP, you can install SafeID with:

pip install safeid

By default, SafeID uses a test and development Pythia PRF hosted at

To use the SafeID command to protect a new password:

PPASS=`safeid new 'passphrase'`

The output of SafeID is packaged as a JSON array. It's bulky, and so the above command is the easiest way to capture the output as a shell variable. Run the command without the 'PPASS=' or examine the output with:

echo $PPASS

You can check any Pythia-protected password with this command. (The double-quotes around the protected password are very important otherwise the shell will break up the JSON array.)

safeid check 'passphrase' "$PPASS"


SafeID uses the pyrelic Python module: