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Existing Lilu plugins

This for sure may not be a complete list. If you feel that something is missing, make an issue and it will be included.
Please note that improperly written immature plugins will not be listed there.

Name Short description
AirportBrcmFixup Various patches for Broadcom Airport Wi-Fi cards
AppleALC Native macOS HD audio for not officially supported codecs
ATH9KFixup Various patches for unsupported Atheros Wi-Fi cards
BT4LEContiunityFixup Enable BT4LE-Handoff-Hotspot features
CPUFriend Dynamic power management data injection
DiskArbitrationFixup Disable the uninitialised disk message at disk insertion
HibernationFixup Enable 3 & 25 mode hibernation on certain hardware
NightShiftUnlocker Enables Night Shift on all the models
NoTouchID Disables Touch ID checks causing hangs
NoVPAJpeg Workarounds Quicklook issues on 10.14 when using macmodels with IGPU on CPUs without IGPU. Can be used as an alternative to MacPro6,1 model
SystemProfilerMemoryFixup Show memory tab on MacBook models with soldered RAM
VirtualSMC Advanced SMC emulation
WhateverGreen Various patches necessary for GPUs

Plugins which functionality was merged into other plugins:

Name Short description
AzulPatcher4600 Superseded by WhateverGreen
AppleBacklightFixup Superseded by WhateverGreen
EnableLidWake Superseded by WhateverGreen
BrcmWLFixup Superseded by AirportBrcmFixup
CoreDisplayFixup Superseded by WhateverGreen
IntelGraphicsDVMTFixup Superseded by WhateverGreen
IntelGraphicsFixup Superseded by WhateverGreen
NvidiaGraphicsFixup Superseded by WhateverGreen
Shiki Superseded by WhateverGreen
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