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What is Mobiscroll?

Mobiscroll is a UI library for progressive webapps and hybrid development. Created with a lot of attention to usability and performance. Mobiscroll Forms ships with 15 customizable controls that you can use for free that are included in this repository. For advanced functionality use Forms with:

Where can I use Mobiscroll?

You can use the controls in web and hybrid/native cross-platform apps. At it's core Mobiscroll is framework agnostic, but API variants for jQuery/jQuery Mobile, Angular/Ionic, Angular JS/Ionic 1 and React is available.


Single and multiline text (live example)

Text fields are the backbone of every form. Use it to capture a wide range of properties from plain text to passwords.

Use labels, icons, placeholders or a combination of them to help users get meaning at a glance. Show/hide functionality built in for password fields.

Select styling (live example)

Similar to the single line input styling, it features a chevron/dropdown arrow to clearly signal the difference between select and text input.

Buttons (live example)

Buttons with different states, styles and alignments. Inline or raised, left aligned, right aligned, centered or justified. Full-width buttons supported as well.

Use it with or without icons.

Segmented control (live example)

Easily lay out two to five options for single and multiple select. Making all options instantly visible lets users make selections with a single interaction instead of at least 3 (tap to open select, do the select, hit set - like for the traditional dropdown).

Checkbox and checklist (live example)

Similar to the native checkbox in functionality but a look and feel that fits with the overall user experience and theme. Features description text, checkbox list and disabled styling.

Excellent choice for inline multi-select lists.

Radio button list (live example)

Single select for a list of options. Use it instead of the segmented control if there are more items that would fit in a single line.

Usually a good choice for five options and above. Features disabled styling and optional description.

Switch (live example)

Just like the checkbox, the switch lets users turn options on/off. Can be rendered as a list of fields, like the checkbox list or as a stand-alone control.

Features optional description and disabled styling.

Stepper (live example)

When users need to make small adjustments to values by increasing or decreasing it avoid free-form input and dropdowns. Steppers help in minimizing mistakes, and reduce the number of taps for getting the values right.

Page and typography (live example)

Takes care of setting the background colors, spacing and typographic styling. It makes sure that the content you add shows up nicely on any screen-size.

Slider (live example)

Work your way from a monotone, dropdown heavy form to an easily scannable page by switching controls. Consider using sliders for selecting one or multiple values from a range.

Continuous ranges, steps, floating value display, disabled styling and usage with icons is supported out of the box.

Progress (live example)

Provide visual feedback to the user. Reduce anxiety and help people understand progress with the control. You can also use it as a completness meter to show how the user does on completing a purchase.

With a powerful API control the state, value programtically and restart, pause it if you need to.

Alert, confirm and prompt (live example)

Show alert messages, confirmation dialogs and prompt for focused value entry. Supporting platform specific look & feel, make your users feel at home and communicate what they actually need to see.

These controls cannot be dismissed by pressing the overlay, avoiding closing it by mistake.

Toast and snackbar (live example)

Keep your users up to date with notifications. Either in form of a toast or a snackbar.

Choose to provide an action with the message, like UNDO or RETRY, something that helps the user make progress faster towards their desired goal.

Commercial Components

Date & time pickers

Event calendar

Pickers & dropdowns

Pickers & dropdowns

Gesture enabled responsive list


For the complete documentation of Mobiscroll Forms and all products, please visit

Demos and examples

Getting help

The Mobiscroll team does not provide technical support for Mobiscroll Lite. To get support from the team purchase a license or join the community forums

Release notes

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License Information

This project has been released under the Apache License, version 2.0, the text of which is included below. This license applies ONLY to the source of this repository and does not extend to any other Mobiscroll distribution or variant, or any other 3rd party libraries used in a repository. For licensing information about Mobiscroll, see the License Agreements page at

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