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ACM BITS Pilani Dubai

Progressing together, a few bits at a time


Advancing Computing as a Science and Profession

✨ Welcome

Welcome to the ACM BPDC, a student-run chapter of ACM at BITS Pilani Dubai Campus, with over 250 registered members, that aims to provide a platform for students to learn about computing and its applications. We conduct various events over a wide variety of topics like Programming Fundamentals, Data Science, Machine Learning, Competitive Programming and Cyber-Security.

💖 How to be involved?

To get involved with our community, please make sure you are familiar with our Code of Conduct.


  1. openlib.cs openlib.cs Public

    📚 A Collection of Free & Open Resources for University Coursework in Computer Science.

    Python 565 110

  2. Truffle Truffle Public

    :electron: Helping you kickstart your AI journey!

    Python 9 7

  3. ml-bootcamp-2022 ml-bootcamp-2022 Public

    📊 The Machine Learning Bootcamp 2022, by ACM

    HTML 2

  4. coding-bootcamp-2021 coding-bootcamp-2021 Public

    🚩 The Coding Bootcamp 2021, by ACM

    HTML 3 3

  5. coding-bootcamp coding-bootcamp Public

    🎒 The Coding Bootcamp programming workshop organized by ACM

    Python 23 11

  6. coding-bootcamp-2022 coding-bootcamp-2022 Public

    🚩 The Coding Bootcamp 2022, by ACM

    HTML 3 1


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