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AssaultCube Reloaded Promotion Server

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WARNING: Using this might get you banned. AC's community is known to dislike gameplay mods. Even anti-friendly-fire itself is enough to get banned.

ACR Promotion Server

The AssaultCube Reloaded (ACR) Promotion Server (ACP) runs on AssaultCube (AC), but attempts to promote ACR!

This package is for server operators only, to run a promotion server to advertise ACR to AC players.

Download and play AssaultCube Reloaded:

Server modifications include:

  • Feel free to set -c maxclients to 256, since it will still work!
  • Automatically adds ACR's name to the server description, so you don't have to
  • Promotes ACR every 5-15 seconds (owner-adjustable) via console spam
  • Server is always green
  • Moon-jump: a server mod in ACR (if the server owner enables it)
  • Explosive ammo: another ACR server mod
  • Damage fading similar to ACR but unrefined
  • Friendly fire returns to sender (avoid teamkills)
  • 1.5s Fast Respawn, even in TOSOK and other "arena" modes
  • Headshots for all weapons, similar to ACR
  • When spawning, randomly start with grenades!
  • Spawn protection: don't die easily in the first 2 seconds after spawning
  • WHOIS privacy: no client gets to know another's IP


Cube license -- see source/README_CUBEENGINE.txt