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ACSL: Technion Accelerated Computing Systems Lab

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  1. nuevomatch nuevomatch Public

    The source code of NuevoMatch as described in "A Computational Approach to Packet Classification" (SIGCOMM, 2020)

    C++ 40 15

  2. spin spin Public

    C 39 7

  3. eleos eleos Public

    ExitLess services for SGX enclaves

    C++ 32 11

  4. nica nica Public

    An infrastructure for inline acceleration of network applications

    Verilog 29 12

  5. ntl ntl Public

    Networking Template Library for Vivado HLS

    C++ 28 10

  6. cosmix cosmix Public

    A Compiler-based System for Secure Memory Instrumentation and Execution in Enclaves

    C++ 28 5


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