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ActiveState Code Recipes

Welcome to the ActiveState Code recipes repo! We have migrated all of the great content from to its new forever-home here at GitHub. This makes it easier for everyone to submit new recipes, contribute code and integrate all the great information into their own projects.

The vast majority of code that existed on the website has a home here, however if you do come across any recipe that is missing, or conversely, is totally outdated and no longer relevant please submit an issue.

What is this repo for?

This repo exists to contribute useful snippets, utility functions, and other interesting tidbits in any language that may be helpful to other developers.

Is there a master list of all the recipes?

You can find the master index of all recipes over at the wiki.

Coming Soon: Search Functionality!

How could I submit a new recipe?

  1. Fork this repo.
  2. Create your new recipe in the correct language subfolder (create a new folder if it doesn't already exist).
  3. Make sure you have included a README as well as your source file.
  4. Submit a PR.

Coming Soon: Submit recipes hosted in your own repo linked back from here!

How do I submit a change or revision to a recipe?

Same as above, fork the repo and submit a PR with your change.

What license is this code released under?

By default, all newly submitted code is licensed under the MIT license. If your recipe is being released under a different license, please make sure to include a LICENSE file inside your recipe directory.

All legacy recipes retain their original license. Please see the LICENSE file inside each recipe folder for details.

How else can I contribute?

Recipes don't always have to be code - great documentation, tutorials, general tips and even general improvements to our wiki are greatly appreciated.