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Hardware Description Models for Adafruit IO Wippersnapper Beta.


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WipperSnapper Boards - Hardware Description Models for Adafruit IO WipperSnapper

This repository contains Adafruit and user-submitted description models of hardware for use with

These hardware description models (HDMs) are similar in concept to IoT "digital twins", virtual representations of physical development boards. They contain everything needs to know about the device connecting to it.


If you do not see the board you want to use with Adafruit IO on this repository, follow this how-to guide on the Adafruit Learning System for full instructions about adding a board to this repository.

What is a hardware description model?

A hardware description model (HDM) describes the contents (information, properties, physical components) of a development board.


Information related to the hardware including the hardware's name, description and unique identifiers.

Property Required Data Type description
boardName Yes String Hardware name
mcuName Yes String Microcontroller name
mcuRefVoltage Yes Float Microcontroller's maximum voltage reference, in Volts.
displayName Yes String Adafruit IO Device name
description No String Device description
productURL Yes String Link to board's homepage.
documentationURL Yes String Link to board's documentation.

Naming Scheme, boardName

A boardName MAY ONLY contain lower case ASCII letters, numbers, and the dash character (“-”).


Components are ports such as digital pins or analog pins. These components are defined within the components array.

Each hardware component is defined by adding the following to the .json description file:

Property Required Data Type description
name yes string Component type. Components connected to hardware externally are prefixed by external_
displayName yes string Human-readable display name for Adafruit IO
dataType yes string Expected data type from component
max_resolution no int16 Max resolution of an analog component, in bits

The following properties are set by the WipperSnapper web application. You do not need to define these values:

Property Required Data Type description
mode no int16 Component mode. See mode for type descriptions.
direction no bool Defines the direction of a component, either input (0) or output (1).
pull no bool Defines the pull direction of a component, either up (0) or down (1).
period no float Number of milliseconds between measurements.

Sensor Components

I2C Components

Hardware exposing the I2C bus may add an i2cPorts array to its HDM.

The following HDM snippet defines an I2C interface on port 0 with a SDA GPIO pin of 34 and a SCL GPIO pin of 33.

"i2cPorts": [
        "i2cPortId": "0",
        "SDA": 34,
        "SCL": 33


Example hardware descriptions can be found in the boards/ directory.


  • The Adafruit IO WipperSnapper Firmware currently supports the following microcontrollers with a WiFi network interface: ESP8266, ESP32, ESP32-S2, ESP32-S3, SAMD51, SAMD21.


Hardware Description Models for Adafruit IO Wippersnapper Beta.




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