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A bootstrap extension for on-brand UK Scout Association Websites.
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Scoutstrap is a bootstrap extension for on-brand UK Scout Association Websites.

Scoutstrap is built as an extension to the popular CSS framework Bootstrap, initially build for version 2.3.2 work is now being done to bring it into bootstrap 3.0.0 style/standards.

The aim of Scoutstrap is to help website developers create an "on brand" website for the Scout Association and still be within the naming conventions and UI style of Bootstrap yet include the branding guidelines set out at the Scout Brand Centre so websites can be quickly and easily developed for scout groups.

Scoutstrap started as a personal extension for a local scout group website but was open sourced so everyone can gain for the work. It should be compatible with all/any bootstrap based framework/templates available but obviously hasn't been rigoursly tested.

The bootstrap extensions are written in LESS and the source is available. I aim to include Scoutstrap extensions for both Foundation and Pure CSS frameworks eventually.

About Me

My name is Adam Boutcher and I'm a geek, website developer and a Scout. This is my first steps into LESS and GitHub so please bear with me if there's anything not quite right.

Links to me:

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