A simple console based ALSA volume control with mouse support
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This is a practical example of how to use terminal.d and simpleaudio.d's mixer
combined with eventloop.d's functionality.

Get those three files here: https://github.com/adamdruppe/arsd

Then you can compile and run this in a linux terminal. The controls are similar
to alsamixer, with the addition of mouse wheel support.

It doesn't look like much right now. I might spruce up the graphics but really,
all I wanted was mouse wheel support. I might also add a notification area icon
to the gui with wheel support at some point too, idk.

This is not a substitute for alsamixer in all cases, just in the specific case
I wanted mouse wheel support for. Newer versions of alsamixer scale the numbers
differently than my program (and older versions of alsamixer) too, but the same
range is available.

I suggest you keep alsamixer around to fill in the gaps, or if you want to extend
this program, you could. In simpleaudio.d, I hardcoded the "Master" element but if
you extend that with a query loop or whatever you could do it all.