python tools to download your social web content into mongodb for safekeeping and analysis
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ekko readme

About ekko

ekko is software that downloads your data from web services, normalized it, and puts it in the a flexible document store (mongodb.)

Then you can do whatever with it! Analyze it, repurpose it, or just have it around for backup purposes.


Code is copyright 2012 Adam Mathes available under a BSD style license. See LICENSE


Dependencies: requires a modern python and mongodb

Tested with python 2.7.1, mongodb 2.0.4

Python modules: requests, pymongo

MongoDB is available at or use Homebrew

Install python requirements:

# pip install requests
# pip install pymongo


Copy accounts.json.example to accounts.json and edit the file, replacing the relevant account info, deleting accounts you don't need.

(This process will be improved.)


Grab all your data --

$ python mirror

Wait a while. Grab a sandiwch. You may want a snack.

Put the data in mongo --

$ python ingest

Update the data (just grabs recently posted things) --

$ python update

Check your data in mongodb:

$ mongo ekko

MongoDB shell version: 2.0.4
connecting to: ekko
>  db.items.count()


Fortchoming (maybe)

  • command line tool to setup new accounts
  • normalize the data to an established defined vocabulary (rss, dublin core)
  • noramalized json, xml, outputs
  • download attachments (photos from relevant services)
  • more account types (instagram, pinboard)
  • web interface to search, filter the data
  • example analysis scripts