Google Chrome extension to control Grooveshark (HTML Interface). See README below for Licence.
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sharkZapper Logo


an unoffical browser extension to control Grooveshark


sharkZapper started as a quickly made extension for Chrome to control Grooveshark HTML5/Javascript interface in a way that was previously not possible due to the flash interface. It was released for free to the Chrome Web Store and lives at:

Supported Browsers

Currently sharkZapper only supports Google Chrome/Chromium browsers, however there was some progress to also support Firefox and Safari. Firefox and Safari-related files may be present or visible in the source repository but please note that at the moment it is completely untested, unstable and incomplete.

Bug Reports and Feature Requests

Please submit any bug reports and feature requests to the Issues tab on GitHub. If you do not have a GitHub account, email me at to post on your behalf. I cannot guarantee that every issue will be fixed or implemented. Patches are also welcome, preferably as Pull Requests.

File Structure

Due to the multi-platform compatible nature of sharkZapper, the file/folder structure is odd and as follows:

/                               Root Directory - contains README, LICENSE and JSON extension descriptors
/manifest.json                  Extension JSON Descriptor for Google Chrome / Chromium
/package.json                   Extension JSON Descriptor for Mozilla Firefox
/data/                          Firefox "Data" Directory
    /css/                       Contains all CSS files
    /fonts/                     Contains all custom font files
    /html/                      Contains all HTML files
    /img/                       Contains all image files, including logos
    /js/                        Contains JS for popups, options pages and injection into Grooveshark DOM
    /views/                     Contains all EJS views for Grooveshark (no longer used)
/lib/                           Firefox "Lib" Directory
    main.js                     Firefox main.js - runs the background script and sets up the browser
    sharkzapper_background.js   Background script shared between Chrome/Firefox     

License and Copyrights

See the LICENSE file for the most-up-to-date version. Note that this license is not strictly open source, in that you can not do what ever you want with it.

Grooveshark imagery and related media is Copyright (C) Escape Media Group. "Grooveshark" and Grooveshark Logos are trademarks of Escape Media Group.