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Joustmania Logo

Telescope: a Bitcoin Cash Wallet for Chrome and Firefox

Bitcoin Cash wallet in the browser. Send and receive instantly on any web page.

Chrome extension

Firefox addon



  • Bitpay support
  • Moneybutton support
  • AKARI-PAY support
  • memo.cash posting support
  • blockpress.com posting support
  • clickable bch addresses
  • easy one-click default tipping buttons

Video1 basic usage/how to set a password

Video2 bitpay and money button support

Video3 memo.cash, blockpress, akari-pay, one-click button support


The private key is stored in the browser only. Transactions are signed in the browser and are pushed to blockdozer.com. The private key will only leave the browser to be synced with other Chrome/Firefox browsers that you are signed into. Encrypting the private key ensures that nobody will know the private key without the password, not even this extension.


It is my hope that this project can be supported by the community, I am very open to ideas and pull requests. I do no plan to make a profit off of this project, other than through donations, bounties, as well as the increased usage of BCH. Please feel free to make pull requests for features, or add new feature requests/bugs through the issues tab, for anything you would like to see added.

Thank you!

Tip Jar


or put a bch bounty on an issue you would like to see finished: