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Transform your Jekyll app into Rack application!
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Transform your Jekyll app into a Rack application.

  • You can run it with rackup, shotgun, unicorn, and more.
  • You can run Rack-Jekyll with any modified Jekyll.
  • You can deploy Rack-Jekyll to Heroku, EC2, Rackspace, dedicated servers, VPS, etc.

How to use it

A file is required in order to run with shotgun and rackup. You can even deploy your Jekyll app to Heroku!

Copy this into in your Jekyll site's root directory:

require "rack/jekyll"


That's it.

Heroku provides a read-only filesystem, so you need to generate pages and git-commit them before you deploy your Jekyll site to Heroku.

  1. cd to your Jekyll directory
  2. add a file (see example above)
  3. build pages with jekyll build
  4. add gem "rack-jekyll" to your Gemfile
  5. git init && git add .
  6. git commit -m "Initial commit"
  7. heroku create
  8. git push heroku master


Jekyll configuration options can be specified in a _config.yml file or as Rack-Jekyll initialization options in


run => "mysite")

This will set a custom destination path, overriding the default (_site) and settings from a config file.

See Jekyll's configuration docs for more settings.

Additional Rack-Jekyll initialization options:

:config        - use given config file (default: "_config.yml")
:force_build   - whether to always generate the site at startup, even
                 when the destination path is not empty (default: false)
:auto          - whether to watch for changes and rebuild (default: false)

Note that on read-only filesystems a site build will fail, so do not set :force_build => true in these cases.

404 page

In your site's root directory you can provide a custom 404.html file with YAML front matter.


Contributions are more than just welcome. Fork this repo and create a new branch, then submit a pull request.


  • adaoraul (Adão Raul)
  • Nerian (Gonzalo Rodríguez-Baltanás Díaz)
  • scottwater (Scott Watermasysk)
  • thedjinn (Emil Loer)
  • bry4n (Bryan Goines)
  • thibaudgg (Thibaud Guillaume-Gentil)
  • bemurphy (Brendon Murphy)
  • imajes (James Cox)
  • mattr- (Matt Rogers)
  • stomar (Marcus Stollsteimer)
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