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Pipe handles audio, video & screen recording on the web.

Popular repositories

  1. A simple HTML5/JS demo that uses Recorder.js to record audio as uncompressed pcm (wav) and POST it to a server side script.

    JavaScript 321 200

  2. A simple HTML/JS demo that uses WebAudioRecorder.js to record audio on a web page

    JavaScript 143 94

  3. An implementation of the MediaStream Recording API

    JavaScript 118 45

  4. Record your screen, microphone and system sounds on Chrome using getDisplayMedia() and the Media ​Stream Recording API

    JavaScript 27 5

  5. A simple Chrome extension that makes the Digital Ocean menus less confusing for those using Teams

    JavaScript 23 2

  6. A plain HTML/JS demo that uses vmsg (a modern WebAssembly version of LAME) to record and encode mp3 audio in the browser

    JavaScript 17 7



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