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Gottle - A rate limiter for Golang which builds on Onecache

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$ go get -u

Docs for all available operations -> or run godoc

package main

func main() {

  func someHandler(w http.ResponseWriter, r *http.Request) {

    var throttler = NewOneCacheThrottler() //can pass in options

    //Throttle the request
    if err := throttler.Throttle(r); err != nil {
      sendFailureResponse(500, "An error occurred while trying to throttle the request")

    //Can also check if the current request has been rate limited
    if throttler.IsRateLimited(r) {
      //We only want to throttle requests from other account types
      //aside premium users
      if isPremiumUser(r) {
        //isPremiumUser fetches the account type from the context
        throttler.Clear(r) //Clear the rate limit

      sendFailureResponse(400, `
        You have been ratelimited.. Wait for some time before trying again`)



This is a very simple throttler implementation (albeit it works very well). All it does is keep a record of the IP of a request and the number of times a request was received from that IP. Once the request count has passed it's limit, a lockout is obtained

There are IPProviders, which extract out the IP from a request.. There are currently two implementations you can choose from

  • RealIP - This fetches the IP from the HTTP headers (X-Forwarded-For or X-Real-IP).. This is suitable when you have a reverse proxy to your go binary.

  • RemoteIP - extremely basic and not guareented to work as expected because Go sets the RemoteAddr of a request to IP:port and you are expected to manipulate that yourself in a middleware or something of that sort.

You can also write your own IPProvider by implementing ;

IP(r *http.Request) string

You can also configure the amount of requests a client is allowed to make before a lockout is obtained.. By default, it is at 10 requests in a timeframe of 10 minutes. To override that, you simply set an option on NewOneCacheThrottler like :

interval := time.Minute
maxRequests := 60

throttler := NewOneCacheThrottler(
  ThrottleCondition(interval, maxRequests))

//Now a lockout would only be obtained after the client has made 60 requests in less than a minute

Do check the other available options in the godoc or the test suites