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Adeptio (ADE) Core & Wallet
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From Latin language // ădeptĭo - act of obtaining, attainment, achievement.

Build Status chat on Discord

What is Adeptio?

Adeptio is a fair cryptocurrency and enables instant payments to anyone, anywhere in the world. Coin uses peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central authority. Adeptio Core combines the best features of different coins in order to create an excellent digital payment asset.

storADE service technology with valuable adeptio masternode functionality serves storage & streaming platform for every day usage.

Alt text

For more information see:


The master branch is regularly built and tested. Other branches used for upcoming release or test. Although master is not guaranteed to be completely stable.

Continuous integration process can be found at:

Building process

Use the autogen script to prepare the build environment.


More information how to build on specific distribution see at:

Install with apt/yum package managers

Ubuntu 16/18


Precompiled binaries

Available at GitHub, see

Coin Specifications

Alt text

• Premine: (#1 Block) 50,002 for 5 init MasterNodes*

• Algorithm: Hybrid - PoW/PoS

• PoW Algorithm: Quark

• PoW Blocks: 2 - 345600

• PoS Blocks: Starting from 345601 (after ~240 days)

• Block Time: 60 Seconds

• Block Size: 1MB

• Max. Coin supply: infinite

• Network Port: 9077

• RPC Port: 9078

• "storADE" Port: 9079

• Tor network: capable

• IPv6 network: capable

• PoW Ending: ~240 Days

• Masternodes: activated

• Masternode Requirements: 10 000 ADE

• Maturity: 100 Confirmations

• Transaction speed: ~86tx / sec

• Prefix: ADE adresses start with the capital letter "A"

Premine masternodes will be burnt after 1 year from init start.

Burn addr:

Reward Distribution

Masternode / Stakers / DevFund. Distribution ratio of 70% / 20% / 10% respectively.

Block HeightReward AmountCirculating amountDevelopment feesAlgo
Block 2 - 86400150 ADE~12 960000 ADEDevFee 0.5%POW
Block 86401 - 151200125 ADE~21 059875 ADEDevFee 0%POW
Block 151201 - 302400100 ADE~36 179775 ADEDevFee 0%POW
Block 302401 - 34560075 ADE~39 419 700 ADEDevFee 0%POW ends
Block 345601 - 38880050 ADE~41 579 650 ADEDevFee 0%POS starts
Block 388801 - 47520050 ADE~45 899 600 ADEDevFee 7.5%POS
Block 475201 - 51840050 ADE~48 059 550 ADEDevFee 7.5%POS
Block 518401 - 56160025 ADE~49 139 525 ADEDevFee 7.5%POS
Block 561601 - 60480010 ADE~49 571 515 ADEDevFee 7.5%POS
Block 604801 - 12096005 ADE~52 595 510 ADE DevFee 7.5%POS
Block 1209601 - 24192003 ADE~56 224 307 ADE DevFee 7.5%POS
Block 2419201 - 48384002 ADE~61 062 705 ADE DevFee 7.5%POS
Block 4838401 - infinite1 ADE+ ~0.518M per year DevFee 7.5%POS

~3360 days or ~9.199 years to reach 13th reward phase (1 ADE) per block.

Alt text


Adeptio Website

Adeptio Blog

Adeptio Explorer

CryptoID Explorer

Adeptio Explorer 2

Adeptio Exchange Crex24

Adeptio Exchange BiteBTC

Adeptio Exchange Escodex

Adeptio Exchange AmsterDex

Adeptio Stats

Adeptio Wiki

Adeptio Official Public API

Adeptio CI Development

Adeptio Paper Wallet


Adeptio Bitcointalk

Adeptio Discord

Adeptio FaceBook

Adeptio Twitter

Adeptio Gitter

Adeptio Telegram

Adeptio Reddit

Developers Funds

No premine was made*. There is only 0.5% dev fee from fixed blocks.

There is 7.5% dev fee from fixed blocks

Development Fee address:

Premine: (#1 Block) 50 002 ADE for five init MasterNodes required for succesful network start

Five premined masternodes will be burnt after 1 year from init start.

Why should I trust in adeptio-project?

Hybrid algorithm ensures the security of network and distributes the rewards among the PoW/PoS and masternodes

We don't own the majority of coin supply, because of no premine

StorADE system functionality makes adeptio unique project

Long term support (probably no coin swap ever)

No Bounties (except for translations)

There was a fair start for everyone.

No Airdrops

No Presale


What's the difference between adeptio and other cryptocurrencies?

You should check our whitepaper. Our long term goal is to use adeptio as a base core blockchain.

Alt text

Who is adeptio team?

Our core team consist of young members with passion for blockchain technology and fintech revolution.


Credit goes to Bitcoin Core, Dash and Pivx for providing a basic platform for Adeptio to enhance and develop, in concert with a shared desire to support the adoption of a decentralised digital currency future for the masses.

Code issues

Since we are a 100% open-source project we strongly prefer if you create a pull-request on Github in the proper repository with the necessary fix. Alternatively, If you would like to make a suggestion regarding a potential fix please send an email to


Adeptio is released under the terms of the MIT license. See COPYING or for more information:

Further information

For more information check out our whitepaper at

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