Automatic (re)compilation of Purescript code
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Snaplet for automatic recompilation of your Purescript project


Table of contents

  • Adding snaplet-purescript to your snaplets
  • Requirements
  • Use snaplet-purescript on a fresh project
  • Use snaplet-purescript on an existing project
  • Guide to the snaplet configuration
    • Verbosity
    • Automatic recompilation
    • Bundle
    • Pulp Path
    • PureScript Path
    • Psa Options
    • Permissive Init
    • Bundle Name
    • Modules
    • Hooks

Automatic recompilation

There are two compilation modes: CompileOnce and CompileAlways. As the name implies, the former will run your Grunt psc task just once, during the first load of your app. The latter will run it everytime something under /purescript is demanded.

When you run your project using the devel env, CompileAlways is assumed. For all the other envs, production included, CompileOnce is the default.

You can also control the verbosity of the snaplet choosing between Verbose or Quiet.


This library scratches my own itches, but please fork away! Pull requests are encouraged to implement the part of the API you need.