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Simple React JS Project

What is the use of this Repo

This Project is a Simple ReactJS Project which demonstrates the following

  1. Creating a Component in React
  2. Making HTTP calls
  3. Communicating between parent and child component
  4. Using Bootstrap along with React
  5. Using Basic Routing in React

The project Template can be used to build bigger projects

Live Application URL

This URL has the application deployed in


Install Node JS

Refer to to install nodejs

Install create-react-app

Install create-react-app npm package globally. This will help to easily run the project and also build the source files easily. Use the following command to install create-react-app

npm install -g create-react-app

Live Application URL

The Application is deployed in

Click on the link to see the application

Cloning and Running the Application in local

Clone the project into local

Install all the npm packages. Go into the project folder and type the following command to install all npm packages

npm install

In order to run the application Type the following command

npm start

The Application Runs on localhost:3000

Application design


  1. Customers Component : This Component displays a list of customers. This Component gets the data from a json file in assets folder

  2. CustomerDetails Component : This Component Displays the details of the selected customer. This Component gets its data from a json file in assets folder as well. This Component is the Child Component of Customers Component

HTTP client

axios library is used to make HTTP Calls


The application has just one url /customerlist which ties to Customers Component


create-react-app : The following link has all the commands that can be used with create-react-app

ReactJS : Refer to to understand the concepts of ReactJS

React Bootstrap : Refer to to understand how to use React Bootstrap


Simple Application Using Basic React Components and Communication between them





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