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Releases: adityapk00/zecpaperwallet

ZecPaperWallet v1.2

31 Aug 05:00
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v1.2 fixes an issue in ZecPaperWallet CLI where the system entropy was not being used properly in some circumstances, and the generated paper wallet depended on the user-provided entropy. (This only affects the CLI version of the paper wallet)

If you generated a paper wallet via the CLI and provided weak user entropy, your paper wallet might not be sufficiently secure. You should regenerate your paper wallet and move your funds off of the old paper wallet.

Minor Bug Fixes

10 Jul 17:35
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This is a bug fix release of ZecPaperWallet.

(Much Faster) Vanity Addresses

28 Jun 18:22
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Thanks to a great tip from @str4d, this release of zecpaperwallet features a much faster (upto 10x faster) Vanity Address Generator that can generate sapling addresses with your chosen prefix.

  • Add checks for address characters
  • Fix some minor PDF layout bugs

Vanity Address Generator

26 Jun 20:27
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zecpaperwallet now has a vanity address generator! Generate your sapling address with a chosen prefix. You can generate 4-5 character prefixes in a few minutes, longer prefixes will take (much) longer :)

./zecpaperwallet --threads 8 --vanity "paper"


Generating address starting with "paper"
Checking addresses at 18285/sec on 32 CPU threads
    "num": 0,
    "address": "zs1paperm9mscgus4j9vth8w7cnu6pyx5azvtzm9lmu58ncfv8zh5hqe6zta2m2llx85qx8xydmywn",
    "private_key": "secret-extended-key-main1q94wrlsvku8sqqyzarf2gz60d8jx8vknvgcfayce95gedqae03zn2eq3raqse7yckcv74kue73kp86axkpuzs500fsz6vgnsj03kg2wuhurc38lcvyjqcpur2ftmsmt3flnwfz25hdjfl8mtwahqvqe7h89vzd4aqa76qvqrve3h6uvkz6c88ey09crpxhv9ytlm3xq4d5s57n3jmx0mh08vz0g5xvtm6ahvj6sgl37evd5adlwdv7q83762e9ca8w595cupws8u9dspj0dkf",
    "type": "zaddr"

UI Frontend

20 Jun 19:20
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This release brings a new UI frontend to help you generate Zcash shielded paper wallets. Just run the UI, generate addresses, and save as a PDF or a plain text file.


Transparent Address Support

17 Jun 17:17
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zecpaperwallet now optionally supports generating transparent address paper wallets, along with the default sapling addresses. To generate transparent addresses, pass -t 2 to generate 2 transparent addresses, for example.

You can also generate PDFs, with combined transparent and shielded addresses. For example, to generate a PDF paper wallet with 2 transparent and 3 shielded sapling addresses, run

./zecpaperwallet -t 2 -z 3 --format pdf paperwallet.pdf

Zcash Sapling Paper Wallet CLI

13 Jun 18:39
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zecpaperwallet is a paper wallet generator for Zcash that produces Sapling z-addresses completely offline. Download the pre-compiled binary for your platform, and run it to generate z-addresses.

For example:

./zecpaperwallet -z 3 --format pdf zecpaper-output.pdf

will generate a wallet with 3 sapling addresses and save it to the PDF file.

Run with --help to see all options.