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adLDAP is a PHP class that provides LDAP authentication and integration with Active Directory.

This documentation is still being migrated from SourceForge and may be incomplete. Here's the SourceForge documentation (

Intelligent Active Directory integration with PHP was a holy grail for most intranet developers for a long time. This project is really to help others with getting over the same hurdles that we've experienced in getting the whole LDAP SSL Active Directory puzzle working natively on Linux.

Given the varied nature of organisations and sites, adLDAP may not be your complete solution, but it should be a very sound starting point. LDAP isn't overly friendly on first glance, and it's a steep learning curve made alot worse when coupled with Microsoft's seemingly unending army of gotcha's.

The information you can retrieve from Active Directory is as useful as you make it. If you don't fill out all their account information there's not really going to be much to query.

Key Features

Take a look at the documentation, however here are some of the key features

  • User authentication
  • Group management
  • User management
  • Contact management
  • Exchange mailbox creation

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adLDAP is open source software and is released under the GNU Lesser General Public License.

Copyright © 2006-2014 Scott Barnett, Richard Hyland. All rights reserved.

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