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captioner is no longer under development. Feel free to fork, copy, use as desired. No attribution necessary.


captioner is an R package for generating figure numbers and captions

Information about recent updates can be found in


captioner is now available on CRAN. If you would like to install the current development version:

  • install.packages("devtools")
  • devtools::install_github("adletaw/captioner")

or if you want the vignette:

  • devtools::install_github("adletaw/captioner", build_vignettes = TRUE)
  • vignette("using_captioner")

Basic Usage

A call to the function captioner() returns a captioner function for each set of figures, tables, etc. that you want to create.

You can generate a full caption:

fig_nums <- captioner()
fig_nums("my_first_figure", "My first figure's caption.")
#> [1] "Figure  1: My first figure's caption."

And display it under your plot using inline code chunks:


Figure 1: My first figure's caption.

Once you have created the caption, you can display it by using your function and specifying the name of the caption you created.

#> [1] "Figure  1: My first figure's caption."

The display parameter allows you to adjust how much of the caption is displayed. For example, you can also generate a figure reference:

fig_nums("my_first_figure", display = "cite")
#> [1] "Figure  1"

Which can be displayed inline using inline code chunks, like so (Figure 1).

Each new call to your captioner function will create a caption with an incremented number. For example:

fig_nums("my_second_figure", "The caption for my second figure.")
#> [1] "Figure  2: The caption for my second figure."

If you need to create a new set of captions with new numbering, for example, for your tables, simply make a new call to the captioner function. Using the prefix parameter allows you to specify the prefix associated with your new captions:

table_nums <- captioner(prefix = "Table")
table_nums("cat_table", "A table of cat breeds.")
#> [1] "Table  1: A table of cat breeds."
Breed Coat
Abyssinian Short
Aegean Semi-Long
Persian Long

Table 1: A table of cat breeds.

One way to make in-text citations easier is by using partial1 from the package pryr to create a shorter version of the function. For example:

citef <- pryr::partial(fig_nums, display = "cite")
#> [1] "Figure  2"

Take a look at the vignette for many more details.

  1. I learned this from the glorious H Wickham and you can too


an R package for generating figure/table numbers and captions, especially for Rmd docs




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