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saurabh95 commented Feb 6, 2017 edited

Now on opening the Extension Manager, a drop-down is shown on the left side of the search bar, which indicates the sorting of extensions according to the selected criteria(currently sort methods available are Last Updated and Download Count), on change of the selection we store the the changed selection in the preferences and if the Extension Manager is invoked again, then we use the same sorting criteria which was selected by user earlier. The sorting is available for Available and Theme Extensions.
I have attached a snapshot of the feature in use where the sort order and the download count has been highlighted for illustration.


@saurabh95 saurabh95 added this to the Release 1.9 milestone Feb 6, 2017
@saurabh95 saurabh95 requested review from petetnt, ficristo, and swmitra Feb 6, 2017

Mostly LGTM, needs tests πŸ‘

@@ -292,6 +292,20 @@ define(function (require, exports, module) {
+ ExtensionManagerViewModel.prototype._setSortedExtensionList = function (extensions, isTheme) {
+ this.filterSet = this.sortedFullSet = registry_utils.sortRegistry(extensions, "registryInfo")
+ .filter(function (entry) {
petetnt Feb 6, 2017 Member

There seems to be some redundancy here, seems like same could be achieved with:

return entry.registryInfo && entry.registryInfo.metadata;

Do correct me if I am wrong πŸ‘

saurabh95 Feb 6, 2017 Collaborator

yeah that can be changed :)

ficristo commented Feb 6, 2017

Nice! I think @zaggino and @dnbard could have some opinions on this.
See @dnbard extension:

I have two doubts:

  • why we should threat the installed tab differently?
  • registry_utils comes from brackets-registry: I guess it is necessary to change it but it seems to me it should be more "self contained" (= don't require Brackets code)

@ficristo the installed tab is treated differently as we do not have the download count of the installed extensions in the installInfo, and also currently the sorting of installed extensions is done according to the update available.
Yeah we can isolate the registry_utils from Brackets code, we can pass the preference as the argument.


@ficristo @petetnt Addressed review comments and also added some tests.

petetnt commented Feb 9, 2017

Great stuff @saurabh95!

Some issues I spotted:

  1. For me the extension manager opens on Installed page and the sort by-toggle is visible (and does nothing). Needs similar check to when opening the window too.

  2. The sort toggle breaks the layout with really narrow windows (but the search bar does it too). Feel free to disregard / bump to another issue.

  3. The icons for download counts don't seem to work on Windows (10)


Reviewed again, couple of small issues, otherwise LGTM πŸ‘

+ PreferencesManager.set("extensions.sort", "downloadCount");
+ model._setSortedExtensionList(ExtensionManager.extensions, true);
+ expect(model.filterSet).toEqual(["theme-2", "theme-1"]);
+ });
petetnt Feb 9, 2017 Member

A simple check could be added that Brackets actually renders the totalDownloads to the UI πŸ‘

@@ -136,8 +136,16 @@ define(function (require, exports, module) {
sortedEntries.sort(function (entry1, entry2) {
- return getPublishTime((subkey && entry2[subkey]) || entry2) -
- getPublishTime((subkey && entry1[subkey]) || entry1);
+ if (sortBy !== "publishedDate") {
ficristo Feb 10, 2017 Member

Not a big deal, but in general I prefer if you spell out all cases:

if (sortBy === "downloadCount") {
} else if (sortBy === "publishedDate") {
} else {
  console.error("Unknown sortBy " + sortBy ". Defaults to....")

Or something like this.


I didn't test this so I trust @petetnt.
But in general seems good.


@petetnt I have added a test for checking downloadCount in view and also added a check for active tab on launch of Extension Manager to hide/show the sort option, regarding the download icon, I will replace it with an image.


Good stuff @saurabh95 πŸ‘


A screenshot with the new icon.


swmitra commented Feb 20, 2017

Merging Now with the new Icon.

@swmitra swmitra merged commit 2954858 into master Feb 20, 2017

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@swmitra swmitra deleted the saurabh95/SortExtensions branch Feb 20, 2017
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