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wkhtmltopdf Go bindings
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GoDoc License: MIT

Implements wkhtmltopdf Go bindings. It can be used to convert HTML documents to PDFs. The package does not use the wkhtmltopdf binary. Instead, it uses the wkhtmltox library directly.

Full documentation can be found at:


go get


package main

import (

	pdf ""

func main() {
	defer pdf.Destroy()

	// Create object from file
	object, err := pdf.NewObject("sample1.html")
	if err != nil {
	object.SetOption("", "This is the header of the first page")
	object.SetOption("footer.right", "[page]")

	// Create object from url
	object2, err := pdf.NewObject("")
	if err != nil {
	object2.SetOption("footer.right", "[page]")

	// Create object from reader
	file, err := os.Open("sample2.html")
	if err != nil {
	defer file.Close()

	object3, err := pdf.NewObjectFromReader(file)
	if err != nil {
	object3.SetOption("footer.right", "[page]")

	// Create converter
	converter := pdf.NewConverter()
	defer converter.Destroy()

	// Add created objects to the converter

	// Add converter options
	converter.SetOption("documentTitle", "Sample document")
	converter.SetOption("margin.left", "10mm")
	converter.SetOption("margin.right", "10mm")
	converter.SetOption("", "10mm")
	converter.SetOption("margin.bottom", "10mm")

	// Convert the objects and get the output PDF document
	output, err := converter.Convert()
	if err != nil {


Conversion options

Converter options

- size.paperSize    Paper size of the output document (e.g. A4)
- size.width        Width of the output document (e.g.  4cm)
- size.height       Height of the output document (e.g. 12in)
- orientation       Orientation of the output document (values: Landscape, Portrait)
- colorMode         Color mode to use (values: Color, Grayscale)
- resolution        Most likely has no effect
- dpi               DPI to use for printing (e.g. 80)
- pageOffset        Offset added to page numbers when printing headers, footers and tables of contents
- copies            Copies of object to print (e.g. 2)
- collate           Specifies if the copies should be collated (values: true, false)
- outline           Specifies if an outline should be generated (values: true, false)
- outlineDepth      The maximum depth level of the outline (e.g. 4)
- dumpOutline       Dump an XML representation of the outline to the specified file
- documentTitle     Title of the output document
- useCompression    Use lossless compression for the output document (values: true, false)
-        Size of the top margin (e.g. 2cm)
- margin.bottom     Size of the bottom margin (e.g. 3in)
- margin.left       Size of the left margin (e.g. 4mm)
- margin.right      Size of the right margin (e.g. 2cm)
- imageDPI          Maximum DPI value to use for images in the output document
- imageQuality      JPEG compression factor to use when producing the output document (e.g. 92)
- load.cookieJar    Path of file used to load and store cookies

Object options

Load options
- load.username                Username to use for logging into a website (e.g. bart)
- load.password                Password to use for logging into a website (e.g. elbarto)
- load.jsdelay                 Milliseconds to wait after page load before print start (e.g. 1200)
- load.zoomFactor              Zoom of the content (e.g. 2.2)
- load.blockLocalFileAccess    Block local files from accessing other local files (values: true, false)
- load.stopSlowScript          Stop slow running javascript (values: true, false)
- load.debugJavascript         Pass JS warnings and errors to the warning callback (values: true, false)
- load.loadErrorHandling       Action to take on object conversion failure (values: abort, skip, ignore)
- load.proxy                   Proxy to use when loading the object
Header options
- header.fontSize    Font size to use for the header (e.g. 13)
- header.fontName    Name of the font to use for the header (e.g. verdana)
- header.left        Text to print in the left part of the header
-      Text to print in the center part of the header
- header.right       Text to print in the right part of the header
- header.line        Specifies whether a line is printed under the header (values: true, false)
- header.spacing     Amount of space to put between the header and the content (e.g. 1.8)
- header.htmlUrl     URL for a HTML document to use for the header
Footer options
- footer.fontSize    Font size to use for the footer (e.g. 13)
- footer.fontName    Name of the font to use for the footer (e.g. verdana)
- footer.left        Text to print in the left part of the footer
-      Text to print in the center part of the footer
- footer.right       Text to print in the right part of the footer
- footer.line        Specifies whether a line is printed above the footer (values: true, false)
- footer.spacing     Amount of space to put between the footer and the content (e.g. 1.8)
- footer.htmlUrl     URL for a HTML document to use for the footer
Web page options
- web.background                    Specifies if the background is printed (values: true, false)
- web.loadImages                    Specifies if images are loaded (values: true, false)
- web.enableJavascript              Specifies if Javascript is enabled (values: true, false)
- web.enableIntelligentShrinking    Enable smart shrinking to fit more content (values: true, false)
- web.minimumFontSize               Minimum font size allowed (e.g. 9)
- web.printMediaType                Use the print media type (values: true, false)
- web.defaultEncoding               Specifies the default document encoding (e.g. utf-8)
- web.userStyleSheet                URL or path to a user specified style sheet
- web.enablePlugins                 Enable NS plugins (values: true, false)

For more information see the wkhtmltopdf documentation


Copyright (c) 2016 Adrian-George Bostan.

This project is licensed under the MIT license. See LICENSE for more details.

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