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pwdrive is a GnuPG and Google Drive-based password vault written in Bash. Passwords are stored as GnuPG-encrypted files on Google Drive.


$ pwdrive set aol leetpw    # Store encrypted entry
$ pwdrive ls                # List entries
$ pwdrive get aol           # Fetch and decrypt entry


In addition to Bash, the following programs need to be in PATH:

gpg curl grep mktemp mkdir cat base64 sort

You also need a working GPG setup:

How it works

For the encryption half, passwords are encrypted via GnuPG in 2048-bit RSA by default. They are then base64-encoded and uploaded to Google Drive storage. Access to Google Drive requires an OAuth token (granted by the end-user) which is stored at ~/.pwdrive/refresh_token by default.

For the decryption half, again an OAuth token is required to download the encrypted password via the Google Drive API. The same private key used to encrypt the password is needed at decrypt time. If the key is password-protected (recommended) you need that as well. Note that there may be an agent running on your system that remembers your GPG key passwords for some period of time.

All traffic to and from Google is transported over HTTPS.

So, as per usual, the main thing to keep safe is your GPG key.

The OAuth token in ~/.pwdrive is regenerateable if it is lost or if it expires. Simply delete it and pwdrive will prompt you to create another one. If the token is stolen, an attacker will have access to encrypted password content which is very difficult to brute force without the GPG key.


    pwdrive <command> [argv]

    ls                    List all entries
    ls <str>              List all entries prefixed by str
    set <entry> <pass>    Set password for entry
    set <entry> -         Set password for entry from stdin
    get <entry>           Get password for entry
    lget <str>            Get entry matching str, or ls if multiple
    edit <entry>          Edit password for entry via $EDITOR
    rm <entry>            Remove entry
    token                 Print an access token
    gen                   Generate some random passwords
    help                  Show pwdrive usage

    EDITOR                Editor to use with edit (vim)
    PWDRIVE_ACCESS_TOKEN  Use this access token instead of fetching one
    PWDRIVE_HOME          Home dir of pwdrive (~/.pwdrive)
    PWDRIVE_GPG_ARGS      Extra args for get/set (--no-options --default-recipient-self --quiet)


To install to /usr/local/bin:

# make install

To install to a custom directory, supply DESTDIR, e.g.:

# DESTDIR=/usr/bin make install


In order to minimize dependencies, grep -P is used to extract JSON fields from the Google Drive API. Naturally this is not ideal. If you stick to ascii-only for entry params, things should work.