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Graphite to Zabbix proxy

This tool allow handle alerts based on graphite metrics. It works as a proxy between graphite and zabbix. It use graphite as data source and zabbix as an alerting system.

Basic idea is schedule cronjob to run script, that makes request to zabbix server, gets filtered list of monitored metrics, makes appropriate requests to graphite, and sends metric back to zabbix.

How to install

Easiest way to install g2zproxy over pip:

pip install graphite-to-zabbix

How to use

To run g2zproxy once, just run cmd:

g2zproxy -z https://zabbix.local -zu {zabbixUser} -zp {zabbixPass} -g http://graphite.local

Note that g2zproxy will work with zabbix web api specified in -z argument, but it will send metrics to service specified in /etc/zabbix/zabbix_agentd.conf.

Create zabbix metrics

First you need create few metrics to monitor in zabbix. I suppose you familar with zabbix template system. So, I just show to how to make one Item.

Suppose you want have an zabbix alert for some data from graphite. G2ZProxy will join hostname and graphite[key] from zabbix, and match it with graphite key. An example graphite key p-mem001.memcached.memcached_items-current.value will be match to zabbix

host: p-mem001
key: graphite[memcached.memcached_items-current.value]

Graphite request with functions can be written in that manner.

Graphite request:


appropriate zabbix key:

graphite[statsd.derive_*error*; summarize(sum({metric}),\"5min\",\"avg\",true)]"

alt tag

After you choosed which metric you want monitor, create zabbix item:

  1. Create template:

alt tag

  1. Create item:

alt tag

  1. Assign template to host:

alt tag

Schedule cronjob task

Make cron task to run g2zproxy each minute:

$ crontab -e
# graphite to zabbix proxy
*/1 * * * * g2zproxy -z https://zabbix.local -zu {zabbixUser} -zp {zabbixPass} -g http://graphite.local > /dev/null 2>&1


If g2zproxy seems to work slow, most likely you graphite is bottleneck. It's recomend to user distributed graphite cluster with loadbalanced to make it faster.

By default g2zproxy use 50th thread pool, you can change with -t 10 argument.


Graphite to zabbix proxy, allow use zabbix triggers with graphite data.




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