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Adventure Game Studio

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Adventure Game Studio (AGS) - is the IDE and the engine meant for creating and running videogames of adventure (aka "quest") genre. It has potential, although limited, support for other genres as well.

Originally created by Chris Jones back in 1999, AGS was opensourced in 2011 and since continued to be developed by contributors.

An official homepage of AGS is:

Both Editor and Engine are licensed under the Artistic License 2.0; for more details see License.txt.

Engine instructions

To get started building the AGS engine, see the platform specific instructions or forum threads:

When running the engine on your platform of choice you may configure it by modifying acsetup.cfg or using several command line arguments. On Windows you may also invoke a setup dialog by running executable with "--setup" argument, or executing winsetup.exe, if it is present. For the list of available config options and command line arguments, please refer to


We welcome any contributor who wishes to help the project.

The usual workflow is this: you fork our repository (unless you already did that), create a feature/fix branch, commit your changes to that branch, and then create a pull request. We will review your commits and sometimes may ask you to alter your code before merging it into our repository.

For bug fixing and general code improvements that may be enough, however, for significant changes, completely new features or changes in the program design, we ask you to first open an issue in the tracker and discuss it with the development team, to make sure it does not break anything, nor is in conflict with existing program behavior or concepts.

The master branch should be kept in a working state and compilable on all targeted platforms. The "release-X.X.X" branch is created to prepare the code for respective release and continue making patches to that release. If you've found a critical issue in the latest release it should be fixed in the release-X.X.X branch when possible (it will be merged to master later). Because of the low number of active developers we only maintain one latest release branch. If bugs are found in one of the much older versions, we advise you to update to the latest version first.

We have a coding convention, please check it before writing the code:

AGS game compatibility:

This runtime engine port is still not compatible with all of the AGS games. There are the following restrictions:

  • Supports (imports into editor and runs by the engine) all versions of AGS games starting from games made with AGS 2.50 up to games made with the latest 3.x release, but there may be unknown compatibility issues with very old games.
  • If you try to run an unsupported game, you will receive an error message, reporting original version of AGS it was made in, and data format index, which may be used for reference.
  • Savegames are compatible between the different platforms if they are created with the same engine version. Engine should normally read savegames made by version 3.2.0 of runtime and above, but that has not been tested for a while.
  • Games that depend on plugins for which there is no platform-independent replacement will not load.

Changes from Chris Jones' version of AGS

This version of AGS contains changes from the version published by Chris Jones. The run-time engine was ported to Android, iOS, Linux, Mac OS X and PSP and a refactoring effort is under way. A detailed documentation of the changes is provided in the form of the git log of this git repository (



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