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An msp430 emulator/debugger written in rust. It implements the interrupt features necessary to run the microcorruption capture-the-flag.


To build, first make sure you are running the lastest build of rust (try the rust-nightly repos), then run

make dep

The images folder contains hex dumps of the microcorruption levels. To compile them into executables, run

make buildbins

To execute the programs, run

./uctf images/IMAGE.bin

The first two levels are provided, - you will have to unlock the rest!

Once inside the debugger, use s, c, f, r, b, d and q to navigate.

The -d flag will dump the disassembled programme instructions to stdout and exit.

What does it look like?


Why does this exist?

It's a hackerschool project I made to learn about rust, assembly, emulators and ncurses.

Why does this STILL exist? (Update 2017-08-03)

I made this a long time ago and have thought about fixing it to compile on modern Rust, but I think I prefer it as a time-capsule. The tildes! They're so beautiful!