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Code base for was intended to be a tracker for the now defunct bitcoin poker site. Since seals is effectively dead I decided to abandon this project, but the code may be useful for building trackers and bots for other poker sites using the Mavens platform.

The repo includes:

*A Python rebase of ejacobs PHP swc-client-library (

*A hand parser for sealswithclubs hand histories

*A PostgreSQL database for storing info aggregated from hand histories

*Django code and static media for 

*A bootstrap of ~1.5 million hands recorded from sealswithclubs cash games, Dec 2014 - Feb 2015

Disclaimer: This was my first time using a few of these tools, especially Django. YMMV

You can donate here if you're feeling generous: 1JNNXWAbG82RyRSHfLbZjEdWFo2M5gK9cU