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Slides generator with backend to add CRUD functionality to your slides
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Slides generator with backend to add CRUD functionality to your slides.

You can see a better description on the URL of the hackathon (yes, that was made in a weekend!): (the project name there is "Slides Generator").

Here you can find a really crappy pow(alpha, 2):

Run it!

$ sudo apt-get install redis-server
$ mkvirtualenv hovercraft
$ workon hovercraft
$ python develop
$ python hovercraft/


  • Add new presentation
  • Resize text properly on the editor
  • Click on the slide on the editor will center it on the screen instead force you to scroll
  • Some stylism
  • Get the fonts directly from API instead hardcode them
  • Change the viewer to something own, really simple:
    • slide keeping the ratio
    • max height possible, with minimal padding on top and bottom
    • some simple slide change effect
    • ...
  • Get a domain
  • Perhaps allows the users to render with != JS sliders: impressjs, reveal, FullscreenSlitSlider...
  • All what you want! Disclaimer: If you provide the proper pull request.


Thanks all for the good job and the funny time!