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The way how to program written in the LDmicro run on the Arduino board.
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LDmicro → Arduino

Simple way how to run code fromLDmicro
on the Arduino board.

Basic steps:

  1. Write your program in LDmicro.
  2. Compile it as a ANSI C and save it as ladder.cpp.
  3. Generate header file ladder.h with ladder-gen.php.
  4. Create a sketch like this one and upload it to Arduino.
#include "ladder.h"

void setup() {

void loop() {

For complete example look at ldexample sketch.


Tool for generating ladder.h file.

php ladder-gen.php [path-to-sketch-folder]

Sketch folder should contains:

  • ladder.cpp file (generated by LDmicro)
  • pinmap.ini maping var names to Arduino digital pin (optional)

If pinmap.ini missing, ladder-gen will use defualt maping. Name of variables is from d0 to d13 for digital pin 0 – 13.

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