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hyperscript-style bindings for fela

API based on react-fela

npm install --save hyper-fela


const hyperFela = require('hyper-fela')
const h = require('hyps')
const { createRenderer } = require('fela')
const { render } = require('fela-dom')

// intialize renderer
const renderer = createRenderer()
const { renderRule } = renderer

// setup stylesheet render
const stylesheet = document.createElement('style')
render(renderer, stylesheet)

// create styled element creator
const createStyledElement = hyperFela({ h, renderRule })

// create some styled elements!

const GreenSpan = createStyledElement('span', props => ({
  color: 'green'

const Button = createStyledElement((props, children) => {
  return h('h1', {
    events: {
      click: (ev) => console.log('clicked!')
  }, children)
}, props => ({
  fontWeight: 'bold'

// render all the things
const button = Button([
    'click me!'



hyperFela = require('hyper-fela')

createStyledElement = hyperFela({ h, renderRule })

{ createStyledElement } = hyperFela({ h, renderRule })

h is a hyperscript-compatible function of shape (tagName, properties, children) => HTMLElment.

renderRule is fela.createRenderer().renderRule.

Element = createStyleElement([type], rule, [options])

(optional) type is either:

rule is either:

  • a fela rule (function that returns a style object)
  • a style object

(optional) options is object with keys:

  • passThrough: a list of props that get passed to the underlying element.

element = Element([properties], [children])

passThrough props

using the passThrough parameter allows us to pass propertiess to the underlying DOM element. this is helpful if you want to pass e.g. events such as there are some props that are automatically passed and thus do not need to be specified explicitly:

  • className
  • id
  • className
  • events
  • attributes
  • style
  • hooks
  • data

if passing a className, it will automatically be concatenated with the Fela generated className. this allows composing multiple Fela elements.

dynamically passing props

this use case is especially important for library owners. instead of passing the passThrough props to the createStyleElement call directly, one can also use the passThrough prop on the created element constructor to achieve the same effect.


const title = props => ({
  color: 'red'

const Title = createStyleElement(title)

const greet = () => alert('Hello World')

const element = Title({ events: { click: greet } }, 'Hello World')
// => <div className="a" onclick="...">Hello World</div>

custom type on runtime

to change the type on runtime and/or for each component, you may use the is prop.

const title = props => ({
  color: 'red'

const Title = createStyleElement(title)

const element = Title({ is: 'h1' }, 'Hello World')
// => <h1 className="a">Hello World</h1>

{ connectStyles } = hyperFela({ h, renderRule })

Element = connectStyles(mapStylesToProps, Element)

const Header = ({ title, styles }) => {
  return h('header', { className: styles.container }, [
    h('h1', { className: styles.title }, [

const container = props => ({
  textAlign: 'center',
  padding: '20px',
  height: '200px'

const title = props => ({
  lineHeight: 1.2,
  fontSize: props.fontSize,
  color: props.color

// we use both the components props and
// renderRule to compose our classNames
const mapStylesToProps = props => renderer => ({
  container: renderRule(container),
  title: renderRule(title, {
    fontSize: props.size + 'px',
    color: props.color

Header = connect(mapStylesToProps, Header)

const header = Header({
  title: 'Hello World',
  color: 'red',
  size: 17
// =>
// <header className="a b c">
//   <h1 className="d e f">
//     Hello World
//   </h1>
// </header>


The Apache License

Copyright © 2017 Michael Williams

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance with the License. You may obtain a copy of the License at

Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS, WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See the License for the specific language governing permissions and limitations under the License.


hyperscript-style bindings for Fela



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