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NOTE: The stable versions of kubectx and kubens are the Bash script implementations (i.e. the ./kubectx and ./kubens files below). Go-based implementations are still unstable and are work-in-progress.


  • [Go implementation] Fix typo in kubens --help
  • [Go implementation] Release binaries for arm64 (armv8) and armhf (armv6), armv7
  • [Go implementation] Fix colorized outputs on windows
  • [Go implementation] Handle context names with : character (e.g. AWS EKS)
  • [Go implementation] Switching with kubens no longer requires "List Namespace" permissions
  • [Go implementation] Fix messages while interactively switching context with fzf(1).

Known Issues

  • [Go implementation] kubectx: doesn't work with multiple kubeconfig files (#211)
  • [Go implemen…
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🥳 BIG NEWS: Go rewrite

With this release, the kubectx and kubens rewritten in Go (if you didn't know, existing implementations were just 200-line Bash scripts). Please try out the new versions written in Go and give feedback!

Why rewrite in Go?

  • kubectx/kubens no longer depends on kubectl
  • you can switch between clusters up to 8-15x faster, compared to the bash versions which called out to kubectl.
  • you can now use kubectx/kubens on Windows (please try it out!)
  • you should not notice any behavior differences

Miss the bash-based implementations? Don't worry! I intend to keep mini versions of kubectx and kubens available in maintenance mode for the foreseeable future! Plus, this new version is actually backwards compatible with them!

For sta…

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  • FEATURE: Introduced --unset/-u option for kubectx to remove the current namespace setting.
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  • FIX: fzf is now called with --no-preview option to prevent the preview pane from showing up (#163)
  • FEATURE: zsh completion for context names while deleting (kubectx -d) (#178)
  • IMPROVED: friendly --help strings when executed as a kubectl plugin (kubectl ctx and kubectl ns)
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  • FEATURE: Introduced -c/--current flag to print current context or namespace.
  • FIX: kubectx rename functionality now checks if the context with the OLD_NAME exists before deleting the context with specified NEW_NAME for overwriting.
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  • FIX: Show current context/ns color in interactive (fzf) mode. (#109)
  • TEST: Add integration tests for kubectx (#111, #113) and kubens (#105, #117)
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  • FEATURE: use XDG_CACHE_HOME to store data instead of $HOME/.kube if available
  • FEATURE: introduce KUBECTX_IGNORE_FZF variable to override interactive mode
    when fzf is detected (#82)
  • FIX: support Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) by detecting kubectx.exe in
    PATH when kubectl is not (#96)
  • FIX: zsh completion script glitch that printed only two contexts (#81)
  • IMPROVED: print errors when kubectl[.exe] is not detected in PATH (#92)
  • IMPROVED: better error handling when executed subcommands (like kubectl) fail