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KiCad library for various Type-C USB connectors

Currently included connectors:

Wurth 632723300011

  • 1.6mm PCB compatibility
  • Through-hole secondary pins; theoretically fully hand-solderable
  • Most expensive of the three

HRO TYPE-C-31-M-12

  • Extremely cheap
  • Simplified design with only one row; hand-solderable
  • Legs do not extend long enough to "officially" support 1.6mm PCBs (Can be soldered in, but legs will be shorter than PCB)

Amphenol 12401598E4#2A

  • 1.6mm PCB compatibility
  • Half the cost of the Wurth connector
  • Requires reflow station or similar to solder full set of SMT pins below barrel


  • Only pins for USB 2.0
  • All pins are through hole and are hand solderable
  • Data pins barely break the surface of 1.6mm PCB
  • Half the cost of the Amphenol