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Terraform Helm ArgoCD Module

A Terraform module to deploy ArgoCD on a Kubernetes Cluster using the Helm Provider.

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Default Admin Password

If the admin_password input variable is not set, the initial password for the admin user account is auto-generated and stored as clear text in the field password in a secret named argocd-initial-admin-secret in your Argo CD installation namespace. You can retrieve this password using kubectl1:

kubectl -n argocd get secret argocd-initial-admin-secret -o jsonpath="{.data.password}" | base64 -d; echo

Disable TLS on the ArgoCD API?

Many ingress controllers require ArgoCD's API server be run with TLS disabled2. Set the insecure variable to true to achieve this.


Name Description Type Default Required
release_name Helm release name string argocd no
namespace Namespace to install ArgoCD chart into (created if non-existent on target cluster) string argocd no
argocd_chart_version Version of ArgoCD chart to install string 5.27.1 no
timeout_seconds Helm chart deployment can sometimes take longer than the default 5 minutes. Set a custom timeout (secs) number 800 no
admin_password Default Admin password string empty no
insecure Disable TLS on the ArogCD API Server? bool false no
enable_dex Enable Argo CD's Dex Server? bool true no
values_file Name of the ArgoCD helm chart values file to use string values.yaml no


  1. ArgoCD Documentation - Login Using The CLI

  2. ArgoCD Documentation - Ingress Configuration