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AIQ aiqkit Android SDK

The Android SDK gives you access to the powerful AIQ Vision Search platform to integrate into your Android app.

AppID and Ingestion

Before using the sdk, an AppID/Secret pair is required. This can be obtained from the client portal at Note the staging server is for trial users. You also need to ingest some image/pdf/video before you can search for them.

Add aiqkit as a Dependency.

add to your build.gradle:

dependencies {
    compile 'tech.aiq:aiqkit:0.9.4'

make sure you have the jcenter repo in your top level (project) build.gradle:

allprojects {
    repositories {

Initlaize the SDK with AppID and Secret

In your Application class, initialise the SDK with AppID and Secret

AIQKit.init(context, "AppID", "Secret", serviceUrl);

To use the example apps, define the following in your file:

AIQ_APP_ID=enter AppID here
AIQ_APP_SECRET=enter Secret here


Please see the sdk document and the sample apps for usage.


The sdk support proguard and include a custom proguard file. User just need to enable proguard.

On a side note, the sdk depends on zbar barcode scanner lib, to reduce the final app size, unused *.so file can be removed from the packaging. Please see the build.gradle of the sample apps.