Airborn.io is a private alternative to Google Docs — even we can't read your documents!

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  1. airborn

    This is Airborn itself, which includes reading/writing files (modules/core), an app runtime (modules/webapi) and the tabbed interface (modules/window_manager).

    JavaScript 133 4

  2. airborn-server

    This server serves the files at airbornos.com, manages users, and keeps track of users file sizes.

    JavaScript 60 7

  3. firetext

    Forked from codexa/firetext

    A web-based word processor. Firefox OS users can get it on the Firefox Marketplace at https://marketplace.firefox.com/app/firetext.

    JavaScript 7 2

  4. signed-web-apps

    Javascript Library for Signed Web Apps, using Service Workers


  5. signed-web-apps-example

    Signed Web Apps Example

    JavaScript 2

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