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Your old smartphone is your new ‘hardware wallet’

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  1. A library that offers a unified API to prepare, sign and broadcast multiple cryptocurrencies.

    JavaScript 32 11

  2. The AirGap Vault is installed on a dedicated or old smartphone that has no connection to any network, thus it is air gapped. This app handles the private key.

    TypeScript 55 22

  3. The AirGap Wallet is installed on an everyday smartphone. This app has only access to public information.

    TypeScript 59 25

  4. tezblock is a block explorer for Tezos.

    TypeScript 16 8

  5. The beacon sdk allows developers of dApps and wallets on Tezos to implement the wallet interaction standard tzip-10.

    TypeScript 14 5

  6. Beacon is the browser extension supporting multiple singing methods for the wallet interaction standard on Tezos.

    TypeScript 3 1


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