Composing Microservices into Reviewable and Testable Applications
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PREvant In a Nutshell

PREvant is a small set of docker containers that serves as an abstraction layer between continuous integration pipelines and some container orchestration platform. This abstraction serves as a reviewing platform to ensure that developers have built the features that domain expert requested.

PREvant's name originates from this requirement: Preview servant (PREvant, it's pronounced like prevent) serves developers to deploy previews of their application as simple as possible when their application consists of multiple microservices distributed across multiple source code repositories. These previews should PREvant and help developers to do mistakes in their feature development because domain experts can review changes as soon as possible.

In a nutshell

Through PREvant's web interface domain experts, managers, developers, and sales experts can review and demonstrate the application development.

Access the application

Disclaimer ⚠️

This project is currently being made available as open source. Not all features are available yet.


In order to use the project you have to build the docker images (they will be released in the docker hub in the future).

mvn package -f api
mvn package -f frontend

When you have build the images, you can start the docker containers with the provided docker-compose file.

docker-compose up -d

Now, PREvant is running at http://localhost.

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